Photography is to the 21st Century as Painting is to the 17th Century

… Or so says Jonathan Jones of The Guardian – and I agree with him.

The 17th Century saw such iconic artists as Michelangelo and Rembrandt. They were masters of their craft to be certain, but they were not the only painters of their time. For every master there must be countless apprentices in the craft. This is how I see the craft of photography in the 21st Century.

Ah yes, the stereotypical college student gets their first camera and begins to capture anything and everything. No object is safe from their snaps, clicks, and instagrams. Some may pass as acceptable, and some may be heralded as proof in the imminent coming of the antichrist.

But with such exposure and diffusion of the craft it is no stretch of the imagination to suggest that, from the pile of mediocrity, a master will arise. Who are we, then, to judge these people when their presence signifies the full maturity of the craft?